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KUBERNETES will convince you that we live in a cybernetic world and you must find your place in it.

Among other things, KUBERNETES is a movie designed to introduce the importance of Cybernetics to governance and management. In the Digital Era, both public and private enterprises are besieged by complexity. The keys to unraveling complexity are control and communications, the original definition of Cybernetics.

About kubernetes

Kubernetes is the greek word from where Cybernetics originated.

KUBERNETES provides the viewer with a good distinction between mechanical, complicated and chaotic systems as opposed to complex systems. It also provides the proper language to deal with complex systems. Without it, any attempt to control a business is a futile exercise with dangerous consequences.

Complex systems tend to acquire goals of their own. People tend to interpret the world according to their particular sense of reference. This is abundantly clear in the movie. A good structure is the only proven solution to getting the results you, as a manager or leader wants. The movie explains the Universal Management System 7, which is a model based on the Viable System Model, which originated in the mapping of the human nervous system. UMS7 expanded to make a better connection to the nuts and bolts world of providing value to customers.

Watch KUBERNETES. It presents a new paradigm. A totally new way of thinking. Stop using Newtonian frameworks to solve problems. It does not work anymore. Once you realize this you are all set to succeed. KUBERNETES helps you achieve this important goal.