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This movie is an edu-drama aimed at overcoming the absence of Cybernetics in academic curricula. In the plot, a billionaire businessman gathers a group of cyberneticians with different backgrounds to answer some of the world’s most evasive questions of recorded history. What is life? What is man? Can we trust our knowledge? What is our purpose? Does God exist? The meeting becomes compromised and the drama starts immediately. Kubernetes is an entertaining way to spread many management concepts, as well systems, cybernetics and neuroscience knowledge which is essential nowadays to get ahead in life.

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We live in the age of paradox. We all live inside our own version of Plato’s Cave and interact with the world using our own personal interpretation of events.

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Kubernetes and the Bible

LEO BAUER, the cybernetician is kidnapped. Still he manages to send his contribution to the meeting of minds. In one of those messages he reveals the connection between management cybernetics and the lessons found in the New Testament and how they connect through the Body of Christ.

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Are you Kubernetes?

Kubernetes means the pilot of ship in Latin. It is the origin of the word government. Cybernetics is about control in everything that pursues some purpose. The movie challenges the spectator to take an active role in the stewardship of the planet.